The world is full of all kinds of crazy and interesting facts that eager minds should know! Some facts are common knowledge (though that doesn’t make them any less interesting) such as ‘Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different’ or that ‘Elephants are the only animals that can't jump’.

But what about the more bizarre ones? Like did you know that New Zealand is actually part of a much bigger, sunken landmass? This was only discovered when man had traveled to space and it was easily visible from above the Earth. New Zealand islands are actually tips of mountains that are part of a huge continent, 94% hidden under the sea. Some scientists think it should be seen as a new continent. Feeling smart, already? That’s some brain sugar for you right there!

Life is all about knowing the crazy and interesting facts! Binge on all our fun trivia and questions and have a blast while you are whiling away time at home. We have answers to your questions you may have never even asked yourself. Who was the first in flight? (Spoiler alert: Wright brothers were not exactly the first ones to take a flight). Do you know when were the first satellite images used in The International Criminal Court? Who was the first person to set foot in Antarctica?

Get to know surprising stories behind inventions, like what is the history behind the 911 emergency number, and did you know that popsicle was invented by a kid? That too, by accident! Well, who knows after all the inspiration and brain sugar you get here, you might just be the inventor of the next big thing!

The world is as weird as it gets. In fact, weird doesn’t even begin to describe all the cool, peculiar things happening on our awesome planet. What fun would it be if you do not know about all the quirky, interesting, and weird things happening on the earth right now - you’d be missing out on a whole lot of action! So, you’re invited to the biggest, coolest, and most bizarre party to get a dose of brain sugar you won’t find anywhere else!