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Antimatter energy
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AntiMatter Lurking in our Milky Way

New research suggests the possibility of antimatter lurking in our Milky Way. A gamma-ray map of the Milky Way indicates fourteen multicolored celestial sources of gamma-ray which are expected to be antistars – stars made up of antimatter
The black sun and the frozen Earth
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What would happen if the sun stops shining?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the sun stopped shining or disappeared? Research shows that the possibility of this happening is quite thin, and the sun will most likely be in the galaxy for a billion years from now. However...
Earth spinning faster, people and animals throw out into outer space
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What Would Happen If the Earth Started Spinning Faster

With so much going on in our lives to worry about, the probability of the earth spinning faster than the normal speed is not something that we should be concerned about much as it is unlikely to happen