Big Questions

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Science, universe, and cosmos are the big fancy words that make even the smartest of people tremble with surprise. Feel free to dive into these big questions rambling about in your mind and find the answers here.

A woman with the flowers
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Funerals Need to Change

In the United States, the median cost of a funeral is $7,360, and most families simply cannot afford such an insane cost of hosting funerals. The funeral industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that's creating a lot of problems for many families
Female angel with the wings
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Angel Lust - The Postmortem Erection

Angel Lust, also known as the Death Erection, is a common post-mortem condition in men executed, specifically by hanging. Whether those men die because they were executed or because they committed suicide, the presence of the erection is regular
Meme faces
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What Was the First Meme?

The phrase “Don’t worry, be happy” which was originated in China by the Sui Dynasty much before they migrated to Europe. This phrase then spread rapidly throughout the world and therefore, can be considered a meme
Kissing statue in the window
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The History Of Kissing: A Romantic Beginning?

A lot of people trust India to be the originator of the kissing, conceived from the old custom of sharing each other's breath. The initial proof of kissing is believed to be conserved in early Indian sculptures