Who were the first male, female, black and gay superheroes

Hugo The Hercules, Fantomah, Northstar and The Black Panther

A superhero is a figure who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. To become a superhero, you should have a power that is extraordinary than any capability a normal human being could acquire, and you need to use that power to perform good acts. A superhero is courageous and possesses strong moral values. They hold a great sense of responsibility, filled with unimaginable fighting Spirit. Great mental stability is required when facing evil. These heroes have to tackle many challenges which include sacrificing their lives and their loved ones.

From ancient times humans have divided themselves on the basis of physical appearance and behavioral traits, this discrimination leads to division among people giving superiority to one race or gender over another. The modern world has escaped from the concept of race and gender, male and female, black and white. Digging through history, let’s see who were the first superheroes, representing different genders and races.

First Male Superhero

It is often thought that Superman was the first superhero. Some say Mandrake the Magician used hypnosis as his supernatural power but it was proved wrong by doing some research and the name "Hugo The Hercules" came to my sight. "Wilhelm Heinrich Detlev Körner" an American comic maker introduced the first superhero of history "Hugo The Hercules" on September 7, 1902. This comic did not successfully run and after about 5 months with a total of seventeen strips in the "Chicago Tribune" newspaper ended on January 11, 1903. Hugo had all the characteristics of a superhero. He had good moral values, wandered into the city for helping others with his supernatural strength. He exhibited his supernatural strength to people and solved their problems. Like Hercules known as God in some religions, he had the strength to lift an elephant. In one of his comic strips, Hugo picked up a car with a man to help him meet his lover in the window.

The first superhero "Hugo The Hercules"
The first superhero "Hugo The Hercules" 

He had the ability to kick a house like a football. One of his comic strips displayed him as lifting a locomotive engine from the tracks and pulling the whole cargo at the same speed as a train. Hugo often repeated his catchphrase while passing through crowds "Just As Easy". Some say this was the concept that was modified and the man of steel "Superman" came in 1936.

First Female Superhero

A thought that superheroes can only be men ruled a couple of years after the concept of superhero comic was started in 1902. But in 1940 this concept was sidelined by "Fantomah". An American and the first female comic character. Fletcher Hanks an American comic book writer introduced the character Fantomah in his comic named " Jungle Comic". Fantomah was demonstrated as a mysterious woman who defends the jungle.

Fantomah - the first female superhero
Fantomah - the first female superhero

She adored her jungle and protected its people and animals, and punished anyone, who tried to threaten them. Originally Fantomah was a kind of superhero with magical abilities. She possessed the ability to fly high and watch over her jungle. When Fantomah needed her powers, her commonly beautiful face turns into a scary blue skull. In this form, she was termed as "The Goddess". She can call upon any superpower according to the situation. She was able to teleport and levitate objects high up in the air. She can change anyone and mutate them according to her desire. Giant spiders often threatened the people of the jungle. She used his mutating powers to turn them into normal spiders. Fantomah happened to fight against evil villains like ivory hunters, alien dinosaurs, an array of mad scientists, the Tiger-Woman of Wildmoon Mountain, a man turned into a jungle demon, a mummy scientist, and a caveman. Fantomah preceded "Wonder woman's" first appearance and claimed to be 1st female superhero.

First Black Superhero

In the history of superhero comics,  African-American and Black characters have greatly been ignored over the years. This caused a lack of interest in superhero comics by Blacks. Marvel and Dc the two major comics companies worked really hard to provide diversity in characters and to make their comics more exclusive. Between the years 1940 and 1970, comic book writers mostly exhibited white characters. African-American or Black superheroes don't exist in the world of the comic book until the mid-1960s. Then, in 1966 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced the first Black superhero in the world of comics. In 1966 in the comic book "Fantastic Four" the first-ever black superhero "The Black Panther", appeared to the world.

The first black superhero "The Black Panther"
The first black superhero "The Black Panther"

Black Panther is the crowned king of Wakanda after his father.  But he is confronted by Killmonger who plans to discontinue the country's policies as isolationists and begin a global revolution. He gains his powers by eating a heart-shaped herb which allows him supernatural strength, skillfulness, inhumane speed, stamina, senses, genius-level intellect and to draw upon the knowledge, strength, and power of every previous black panther. In addition, he uses his master martial artist and inventing skills to fight evil and for the global liberation of his people.

First Gay Superhero

Depicting gay as superheroes is a part of the LGTB theme that is relatively new. Lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual characters were not introduced into comics due to censorship and with the thought that comics were for children. This theme was continuously excluded from comic books and comic strips. In 1979 "Northstar" the first gay superhero is introduced by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, in X-Men as a member of the Canadian superhero team "Alpha Flight". Northstar is a mutant which a fictional subspecies of humans.

"Northstar" - the first gay superhero
"Northstar" - the first gay superhero

Mutants are born with supernatural powers. Northstar helped X-men with his ability to travel at supernatural speed and durability. He possesses the power to fly, light manipulation, and attack enemies by photonic energy blasts. He was first assigned by the Canadian government under Alpha Flight to take Wolverine in custody. Later on, he himself joined the X-men. Northstar is assumed as the first openly exhibited gay characters in American comics and the first publicly introduced character published in Marvel comic book.

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