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10 underground attractions
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10 Forever Best Underground Attractions of the World

Ever thought of the magical places that lie beneath your feet? We walk above some of the most wondrously combined and intriguing establishments, operating unknown to the common eyes.
Nelson Sullivan with a camera
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Recalling Nelson Sullivan: The First Ever Vlogger

Many people might be surprised to know that vlogging activity has been around even before the evolution of the internet. It was in the 1980s when Nelson Sullivan known as the very first vlogger used a vlog-like video shooting style
Harold, hide the pain
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Hide the Pain Harold: Who is he?

Andras Arato is a Hungarian electrical engineer who became a meme after certain events unfolded that led to him known as the "Hide the Pain Harold"
Inception movie poster
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Inception Movie – A Mystery Unresolved

The fact we are still talking about Inception proves why it's one of the greatest movies ever made. In this article, we will dive into one of the most beautiful, well-written, puzzling, spectacular fantasy thriller, directed by Cristopher Nolan
Black vinyl disc
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What if today's songs were written in the 19th century?

If today's songs were written in the 19th century, would it have been possible to gain the same fame today? Today we have various mediums like social media, print media, electronic media, musical shows, etc. to release songs