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Li Hua - The Folded man
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"The Folded Man" finally stands after 28 years of being folded

You might have heard different stories of fictitious superheroes like superman, batman, ironman but have you ever heard about the folded man? China’s folded man is indeed a real-life superhero, unlike others, we see with imaginary superpowers
Man eats soil
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Top 10 Strange Manias

There are many different kinds of manias in the world and some are extremely strange. Here is a list of 10 strange manias that exist
Coffee beans in a cup
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Coffee’s Rise To Popularity

Coffee first originated from small beans in Ethiopia but once the coffee began to spread in every corner of the world it became an unstoppable thing and people’s favorite
Kissing statue in the window
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The History Of Kissing: A Romantic Beginning?

A lot of people trust India to be the originator of the kissing, conceived from the old custom of sharing each other's breath. The initial proof of kissing is believed to be conserved in early Indian sculptures