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History makes us who we are now and guides us to tread towards a path that is drawn from the events that happened so long ago. Read all about something significant that happened in the past, along with the when and where.

The falling man
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The truth and lies of "The Falling Man"

The falling man is not just about the man. It's history now. Drew, an AP photographer, did not have any idea that he would capture "the history".
Basketball field from the upside
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How was Basketball Invented?

While thinking of creating a new game, James Naismith was inspired by a game he used to play when he was a child called, “duck on a rock”.
Egyptian II passport
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The mummy who got his passport

The Egyptian Government requires adequate and proper documentation for anyone who tends to leave their country dead or alive. Similarly, in the Case of the Great Ramesses, the government of Egypt Issued an official passport for the mummy
Money banknotes
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The Origin of Paper Money

We all want money. The feeling of holding a bunch of it in our hands is a comforting thought. But have you ever wondered where it came from?
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How have pandemics changed the world throughout human history?

The world has encountered such disastrous pandemics all over history which caused huge empires to collapse. From Justinian Plague to COVID-19, pandemics have strongly impacted and weakened the economy, and has shaken the entire system.
Kissing statue in the window
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The History Of Kissing: A Romantic Beginning?

A lot of people trust India to be the originator of the kissing, conceived from the old custom of sharing each other's breath. The initial proof of kissing is believed to be conserved in early Indian sculptures