The Origin Of Cinemas and How They Have Evolved Over The Years

Old Cinema

The cinemas have been an amazing part of modern society. It is an entertaining place to go whenever you are bored. Whether you wish to enjoy your favorite movie or watch the first release shows of the latest blockbuster, cinemas are the place you go to. Many friends and families have been going to cinemas to spend some quality time together for decades. After all, the cinematic experience and watching something there is way better than waiting for DVDs and watching at home. It does pop the question that who conceptualized the idea of cinemas and when was the first cinema opened? Well, let’s find out.

Brief History

The technology of creating and running movies came into being 1830 when Joseph Plateau and Simon Stamper invented a device known as phenakistoscope. It is a device that has a function that lets us view a series of drawings in a fast and smooth manner giving it a look of a single image with the help of its spinning disc and different slots. This device is what gave birth to the projectors we have in cinemas today.

In 1980, Thomas Edison and his assistant designed the first picture camera called Kinetograph and a machine that allows one person to watch a strip of the movie. This was revolutionary and as the technology started to spread and the cost was lowered, it led to first movies and cinematic experience, eventually.

During the year 1894 Lumiere was inspired by the invention of Thomas Edison and encouraged his sons to build something creative. The first movie was created by Lumiere brothers, who ran a photographic plate factory. The first moving images were shown to audiences on December 28, 1895, and the first cinema viewing in history took place. These brothers designed a projector with a camera and screened the daily life scenes from their country. The cinemas were opened in 1896 by the brothers to show their creativity to the public. They sent workers and crew members to collect different presentable materials and shoot more videos and pictures to be shown. The whole project was an instant success and cinemas began to open in different parts of the world soon after. This was a successful start to the cinema’s journey, and they quickly became popular and a means of entertainment for a lot of people.

Evolution Of Cinemas

The technology of movie cinemas has advanced since the last century and continues to do so currently. The film's screening in the cinemas changed from black and white silent movies to playing digital 3-D movies with better quality, sound, and vibrant colors. Back then, the cinemas only had one or two screens but nowadays, multiplexes have more than 10 screens with larger space for hundreds of people to fit in.

Many people are still trying to improve the style and service of cinemas and trying to make the cinematic experience of people more amazing. The cinemas have changed and people love to go and watch their favorite characters on the big screens with popcorn and drinks.

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