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Want to find all about the new and exciting scientific inventions taking place that are just out of this world? This section entails the past, present, and future inventions and the interesting facts related to these inventions!

Vehicle license plates
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The History of Vehicle License Plates

The license plates are everywhere and so common that people don't even bother to slow down for a minute to question their existence? What was the purpose behind it, when and where it first came into effect?
Top 10 Women Inventors
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Top 10 Women Inventors Of All The Time

Since the beginning of time, countless women have invented things that are extremely useful today. Here are some of those great women who introduced humans to novel creations
Bitcoin trading chart
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The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin

Considering that we are living in the most economically turbulent era of history, the history of Bitcoin is similarly turbulent. It has seen many drastic ups and lows in its value. However, Bitcoin was never expected to sail smoothly especially when
Woman opens retro refrigerator
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How was the refrigerator invented?

Have you ever wondered, how the technology that is used to keep the ice in its form was invented? Yes, we are talking about a refrigerator that has served the purpose of a cool room for food, drinks, and also ice as mentioned above
Coffee machine controller
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How was the coffee machine invented?

Most of the people in the world wake up and the first thing they do is to get themselves a cup of coffee for the fresh start of the day. But have you ever wondered when the coffee machine was invented?
Teenagers in a retro car
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The Invention that created the “Teenage” Phenomenon

The biggest factor that led to the invention of the “teenage phenomenon” was automobiles. The invention of cars and their increasing household use gave teenagers an escape from the 24/7 parental supervision prevailing for centuries
The crow is sitting on the guillotine
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How the Guillotine was invented?

The invention of the Guillotine was inspired by two already existing devices of execution one of which was mannaia from Italy and Scottish Maiden. It is said to have taken 120 lives.
Basketball field from the upside
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How was Basketball Invented?

While thinking of creating a new game, James Naismith was inspired by a game he used to play when he was a child called, “duck on a rock”.