10 Forever Best Underground Attractions of the World

10 underground attractions

Ever thought of the magical places that lie beneath your feet? We walk above some of the most wondrously combined and intriguing establishments, operating unknown to the common eyes. From hemisphere to hemisphere and coast to coast, Earth is full of remarkable sights, creations, and topographies. 

Allow the adrenaline and thrill to mix while we count these fascinating underground gems.

1. Salt mine, Salina Turda, Romania

Salina Turda, RomaniaSalina Turda, Romania

Romania is home to one of the oldest salt mines, which now has been transformed into an incredible underground theme park. This thousand-year-old salt mine has been expanded, revamped, and modernized before opening as a tourist attraction. It has everything one could only imagine: a giant Ferris wheel, a bowling alley, and a mini-golf course, all present underground. It even has a 112m lake where you paddle and get easily distracted by the stunning rugged caverns and salt carvings. If this is not the sign for you to add this place to your bucket list, we don’t know what it would be.

2. The Lava tunnel, Raufarhólshellir, Iceland  

The Lava tunnel, Raufarhólshellir, IcelandThe largest underground lava tunnel in Iceland

This lava tube leads you to witness the inner workings of a volcanic eruption that occurred 5200 years ago. This tunnel is the fourth largest in the world and one of the largest in Iceland which gets up to 30m wide and 10m high. The presence of different types of mineral rocks welcomes a splendid blend of light allowing you to experience an utterly different world. Hear the tunnel and feel the magnificence, while you watch closely, the forces of nature that created such brilliance. 

3. Caves of Ajanta, Maharashtra, India 

Caves of AjantaCaves of Ajanta

Hidden away in hilly northwest India emerge, masterpieces of Buddhist religious art. It includes the finest surviving examples of ancient paintings, sculptures, and stone-cut carvings. Ajanta caves are mysteriously pitch black and fascinating, making it an enigma for the cultural spelunkers. The caves are filled with wall carvings depicting tales from the life of Buddha and motifs that adorn the ceiling. These are the living examples of the grandiose history and culture of the subcontinent. 

4. Market Street Catacombs, Indianapolis, USA 

Market Street CatacombsIndianapolis Market Street Catacombs

The 20,000 sq foot subterranean interconnected passageways were constructed in 1885. Present underneath the city streets, these walkways include bricks and limestone columns which served as a convenient way to transport and store goods. Though long been unveiled, this site still draws much fascination due to its unusual construction and mystery. Although allegedly, it contains no bones or crypts, it continues to elicit interest from anyone who has heard of them.  

5. Underground football pitch, Cacica, Romania 

Underground football pitch, RomaniaThis football pitch is located 30 meters underground inside a salt mine, Romania

Yes, Romania holds another underground marvel, this time something even superior; an underground football ground. This amazing establishment is located 30 meters underneath the ground inside a salt mine. While there might be many famous stadiums all around the globe, this one has its own charm.

6. Underground Boat Ride, Lockport, USA

The underground boat ride caveThe underground boat ride cave

This 2000 foot tunnel came into reality from solid rock, after 15 painstaking years. The underground boat ride through the velvety water is an exciting dive into American history. The unique and mysterious ride will lead you to the hydraulic tunnel; a genius invention of its time. This will be a thrilling tour and a trip of wonder, for those who love history and amusement alike. 

7. St Michael's Cave, Gibraltar 

St Michael's Cave, Gibraltar

The existence of a cave that ties together history, literature, and culture should be enough for the thrill-seekers to crave a visit. This underground masterpiece has its famous auditorium used today for concerts and theaters. The sight of the mineral deposits,  impressive light and sound modifications fuses layers and layers of history with each rock.

8. Basilica Cistern, Istanbul, Turkey

The water reservoir of Byzantine times, that lies beneath the city of Istanbul

It is the largest surviving water reservoir of Byzantine times, that lies beneath the city of Istanbul. The grandeur construction and aura are quite breathtaking holding immense historical significance. This underground chamber is capable of containing 80,000 cubic meters of water erected by hundreds of ginormous pillars that demand nothing but appreciation. A walk along its raised borders is definitely peaceful and memorable.

9. De Ruien, Antwerpen, Belgium

De Ruien caveThe underground network of passages in De Ruien

This underground network of passages is just a reflection of the rich history present above it. These channels, both man-made and natural, were used for water supply and an internal port. This mysterious walk, deep into its interesting past, is filled with curiosity and delight. Though it disappeared from the public view, history aficionados are forever eager to rediscover it.  

10. Underground Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Underground Colosseum

Fully explore the places that stand for history and culture. Walkthrough this underground marvel with interconnected passageways and chambers where combatants and animals used to wait before a war. The moment when the sunlight washes down the darkness and reveals the unique history attached to it is out of this world. 

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