20 Common things in 2021 that could horrify a 1900’s Man

Shocking man

Imagine sleeping in the 1900s and waking up in 2021. Which things will shock you? How will you feel about the change? Here are a few things that are common today but would be horrifying to a person from the 1900s.

  1. Electric bulbElectricity was first created in 1870. Even then, it was only used by the very rich, and that too in moderation. A person from the 1900s would not be used to the widespread use of electricity. Nor would they be used to the populated areas such as New York Times Square or Tokyo. The sounds of the City at night and the lighting outside their houses would horrify a person back in 1900.
  2. child vaccinationNowadays, for getting admission in schools the parents have to vaccinate their child for many diseases. This idea of vaccination would also be horrifying to a person from the 1900s, with the whole concept seeming otherworldly.
  3. hunting from the helicopterThe evolution from hunting comes to mind. Even though hunting existed back then as well. Hunting the wolves from the helicopter is considered a common sport these days. Although many consider hunting with scopes to not be a real sport.
  4. infant with a toyLeaving your baby (infants and toddlers) in daycare centers for all-day before going to work would horrify anyone back in the 1900s!
  5. government palateThe amount of government control that is now in existence would have terrified an American from 1900. especially since a person from 1900 was used to being free to go anywhere he wanted without an ID.
  6. lying man with arrows in his bodySomeone from 1900 and saw that person with young and sensitive minds have access to the most sadistic images, and films imaginable at the tap of the button would be horrified.
  7. old shoesIn 1990 people wore the same clothes until they fell off in tatters. Boots and jeans lasted half a lifetime because they were built to last. Same with early appliances that came around fifty years later.
  8. freewayThe giant freeway crisscrossing and obliterating miles of land would for sure surprise a person back in 1990
  9. smartphone in handsThese days, it has almost become impossible to exist normally without a smartphone. The use plus advanced technology would be very surprising to a person from the 1900s.
  10. A rural person would faint at the amount of non-food that is regularly put into food while it's being made on an industrial scale.
  11. teenager in front of the pink wallToday’s fashion would also scandalize someone from the 1900s. Especially things like women wearing men’s clothing.
  12. votingThe concept of everyone being able to vote. Back in the day, only wealthy male landowners were able to vote.
  13. Robin Williams dressed as Mrs DoubtfireMen and women participating equally in stage productions are also new. Back then, even female characters would be played by men in costumes.
  14. student with a signboardThe number of girls who are being educated in more than just reading, writing, art, and piano playing would certainly be a sight to see for someone from back then.
  15. The concept of Universal education would be a liberal concept in 1990 and cause a stir.
  16. Hair perming and dyeingHair perming and dyeing. It is a science in itself. Although, we have evidence of attempts being made back then to achieve these. However, it took a long time before these became common, safe, and affordable to all.
  17. libraryThanks to the Carnegie Foundation, these days public libraries that are open to all are very common. A person from the 1900s would astound to see education available to all in this manner.
  18. Believe it or not, Victorian people were very callous about drugs and the harmful effect they have. There is evidence of opium being an active ingredient in common cough syrups!  This is why the current war on drugs would be regarded as horrible stupidity by them. As they had unlimited access to laudanum, opium and cocaine, and anything else they had just invented.
  19. The widespread use of vehicles and the sheer speed of cars, buses, trucks, aircraft, etc.
  20. missile with a watch on itIt is a serious one. A person from the 1900s would be awestruck, and perhaps a little terrified of the mass destruction that our current nuclear and normal military missiles are capable of.
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