5 garages, that changed the Tech industry

5 garages: Apple, HP, Microsoft, Amazon and Google

The big trees we see today once started their journey from small seeds. History has witnessed a small apple dropping from a tree branch that finally revealed the universal law of gravity. Most of the time big things have small beginnings.

Success depends on firm determination, faith, and hard work. Those people who turned every stone off their path, deserve big achievements. Do you know that most of the leading tech companies in the world started their fate from a small garage? Here we will discuss some of the five biggest tech brands today that started their operations from a small garage.


Steve Jobs garageThe Apple garage - 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California

Apple is a tremendously famous brand all over the world. There may be hardly a few people who are not familiar with the name of Apple. But few people know that know how Apple was initiated. Steve Jobs with his partners started the journey of Apple in the garage of his parents’ house. The company’s first product was Apple 1, a hand-built computer completely made by Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs sold his only mode of transportation to finance the Apple 1. It was sold as a motherboard to the local market for $500. After that, the team created Apple 2. During the initial five years, earnings grew exponentially, multiplying at regular intervals. Between 1977 and 1980, Apple’s annual sales increased from $775,000 to $118 million. Apple products gained popularity after the introduction of the Macintosh line which changed the fortune of the company. The company’s products include iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets, Mac personal computers, and many other gadgets. Apple, as of today, is the world’s richest technology company.

Hp (Hewlett-Packard Company)

Hewlett-Packard garageThe HP garage - 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto, California

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard with an investment of only $538 founded HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) in Packard’s one-car garage in 1939. The company got its first huge contract in 1938, providing its test and estimation instruments for the production of Walt Disney's highly successful animated film “Fantasia”. This project led Hewlett and Packard to officially establish their Hewlett-Packard Company on January 1, 1939. Walt Disney purchased eight oscillators and offered HP the greatest reprieve of its life. Today, the Packard's carport in Palo Alto is popular as the origin of HP and Silicon Valley. Since its initiation, HP has formed into an incredible and dynamic company, creating different PCs, laptops, and other PC driven frills with trend-setting innovations. HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) is one of the world's largest technology companies, simplifying the technology experience for consumers and businesses with a portfolio that consists of printing, personal computing, software, services, and IT infrastructure.


Microsoft's first headquarterThe first Microsoft Headquarters - 115 California St NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bill Gates and Paul Allen were on a hunt to make a business using their skills in computer programming. Every computer user knows the importance of Microsoft. It was created by Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen in a small garage in Albuquerque. Once on a visit back to Albuquerque, Gates said, "There's no better symbol for the entrepreneur than the humble garage. Of course, we founded our company in a garage to preserve the pile of money I got from my parents, but I assume other people do it because they're poor."

Microsoft set foot in the operating system (OS) business in 1980 with its own version of Unix called Xenix. Microsoft is market-prevailing in the IBM PC viable compatible operating system market and the workplace programming suite market, despite the fact that it has lost most of the general working framework market to Android. The organization likewise delivers a wide scope of other purchaser and undertaking programming for work areas, PCs, tabs, devices, and workers, including Internet search (with Bing), the computerized administrations market (through MSN), blended reality (HoloLens), distributed computing (Azure), and programming advancement. Microsoft is now valued at over $1 trillion and employs around 148,465 people.


Google garageThe Google garage - 237 Santa Margarita Ave in Menlo Park, California

The world’s most widely used search engine also took its start from a garage. Less than a mile off U.S. Route 101, on the highway that links San Francisco to the rest of Silicon Valley, there is a peaceful neighborhood where Sergey Brin and Larry Page rented a garage from a friend named, Susan Wojcicki, in September of 1998. Susan bought a house in Silicon Valley and rented the garage to Page and Brin, so she could have some help paying back her mortgage.

They worked day and night for several months and created the popular search engine called
“Google. Their principal objective while making the site was to arrange and keep up a wide range of data on a single platform that will be available to ordinary citizens around the world. Today, Google is the most ordinarily utilized web crawler on the planet and has likewise dispatched other valuable sites and applications like Gmail, Google+, and Google Drive. The company's fast development since its formation has set off a chain of items, acquisitions, and associations beyond the Google search engine.


Amazon garageThe Amazon garage - Northeast 28th Street in Bellevue, WA

Amazon is a notable online shopping site that was made in 1994 as an online book shop by Jeff Bezos. He made the site in his carport in Washington, initially contributing almost $40,000 to empower him to request, sell, and convey books to 48 distinct nations. He sold his first book in July 1995, and from that point onwards Amazon became the biggest internet shopping store in the world.

Four years subsequent to being named the most youthful VP of a fruitful Wall Street investment firm, Jeff Bezos moved to Seattle to seek online retail openings in the book business. He set up for business in his garage in Bellevue, Washington, and started creating software.

Since he was unable to have gatherings in a garage with a potbellied oven, Bezos held gatherings at a close-by Barnes and Noble, where the majority of Amazon's first agreements were arranged. In July 1995, Bezos dispatched Amazon.com and sold his first book from his carport start-up. Two years from that point forward, Bezos gave his IPO. The organization is currently the world's biggest online retailer.

These companies began with little venture capital and small garages. Hard work and devotion drove them to worldwide success and recognition in the tech industry.

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