Top 10 Strange Manias

Man eats soil

Manias are described as mental disorders in medical terms and an obsession or a fear of something. They can be treated if the person who suffers from them gets treatment and is willing to get rid of the obsession or fear. A manic episode is usually identified by irrational mood, aggravated behaviors, hallucinations, etc. The symptoms can last for more than a week and can make a person physically weak. The manias can be identified with extreme behavioral and mood changes. The person with no control over their fear or obsessions.

There are many different kinds of manias in the world and some are extremely strange. Here is a list of 10 strange manias that exist.


Man eats dirt

This mania is the practice of eating dirt and often develops due to eating disorders in human beings of all ages. It has existed for a very long time and often pregnant women crave dirt during the 9 months. In some cultures, it is believed that eating dirt has health benefits, as it helps resolve stomach problems, improves skin, and sometimes even alters the color of one’s skin, provides protection during the pregnancy period, and others. In the current times, this mania still exists and many people have reported that they found it difficult to stop even when they became sick due to eating dirt. 

There could be several causes of geophagia. Sometimes, a deficiency of iron, zinc or another nutrient could be one reason.


Man lays in a bed

This mania, also known as Dysania, is a constant desire to stay in bed. It is a lot more intense than how a normal person feels on a lazy day. People who suffer from it are unable to get out of bed for days sometimes and that leaves a negative impact on their health and life. Clinomania is often associated with anxiety disorders such as depression as the symptoms are similar however they are not completely the same as there are differences between the two.

Clinomania sometimes is a symptom of a medical condition. It could be Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sleep apnea, Anemia, Thyroid disorder, Heart diseases, Restless leg syndrome, Diabetes, etc. It could be a side effect of medicines of the mentioned diseases, including anti-depressants.


Girl runs away from a peacock

There are people out there who fear birds and thinking or being around flying animals makes those individuals feel fearful and anxious. This fear might seem unreasonable to many however people with this mania are unable to control their feelings towards birds and instinctively react when around or at the thought of them. They can be treated using methods such as psychotherapy and medication however they will only work if the individual is willing to get rid of this mania. The causes of Ornithophobia could be a person’s genetics, personal experiences, informational learning, observational learning, etc.


People suffering from this mania have an obsession with/thirst for drinking water. This might seem strange as we have all heard how beneficial water is for our bodies and we should have as much as possible however people with this condition constantly feel thirsty and keep drinking water over and over again. This mania can be treated with medication and targeting whatever is causing the brain to signal the person that they constantly feel thirsty. The causes of hydromania could be the use of recreational drugs/excessive alcohol, sleep deprivation, loneliness, family issues, poverty, stress, medications, homelessness, etc.


facts text

Infomania is not a recognized psychological disorder till the present day however it does exist and people with this mania tend to obsessively accumulate facts. To put it simply, people who feel the constant need to check social media, news, or other just their phones are known as infomaniacs. They repeatedly pick up their phone and login into their social media despite knowing that they just did that moment ago. It has been associated with anxiety and the fear of missing out generally known as FOMO. One believes that if they do not keep a check on their phone, they are likely to miss out on something important, fun, or exciting. This leads them to obsessive behavior. There is no specific treatment as it is not classified as a disorder however it can be treated just as addiction is treated with the help of medications and psychotherapy.


a lot of gifts

Do you know someone obsessive about giving gifts to people? People suffering from this condition are constantly getting gifts for their friends and family even when they are running out of money. This mania can negatively affect people especially if they are stopped because they feel anxious and constantly want to buy gifts and give them to people.

Some of the symptoms of Doromania are hallucinations, a fear of losing your relationship with someone (friend, family, colleague), fear of being judged by people a feeling that you are being watched all the time, speak quickly and abruptly (nearly making you difficult to understand). Some other evident symptoms of such patients are, feeling too energetic, less focused, easily distracted, anxious, overthinking, etc.

This is a curable condition through psychotherapy and medication depending on how serious it is. It is also up to the person who suffers from it to cooperate so they can get better with the treatment provided to them.


Man pulls hair out

When a person is unable to resist pulling their hair, they are most likely to be suffering from this mania. The obsession with pulling one's hair could include head hair, eyebrows, genital areas, and even eyelashes. There is no clear indication of what causes this disorder in a person however it is believed that it could be due to stress, an imbalance in the brain, or can even be a method of self-harm to deal with distress. This condition can be cured by a method of CBT known as habit reversal training which includes the person who suffers from the said mania to keep a record of how often they pull their hair, avoiding situations that leads the person to pull their hair, an alternative action that releases stress etcetera.  


Woman looks out from behind the blinds

This phobia is generally described as a fair of open spaces however there have been various situations where people have not been afraid of open areas specifically but situations that make them feel trapped, embarrassed, stressed etcetera. Usually, people experience it when they are at a place that is difficult to escape, and getting help is difficult. People who suffer from this condition often have a racing heart or rapid heartbeat, sweating, sickness, hyperventilating, discomfort, dizziness/faintness, gastrointestinal problem, vomiting, chills, trembling, disorientation, crying, choking, etc. It can be caused by genetic, environmental, and behavioral issues.

This phobia can make individuals fear going out for a long time, avoiding crowds and spaces that might make them feel they cannot escape such as elevators. 


woman bites man

People suffering from Dacnomania get the urge to bite people or objects. It is not intentional but their brain working in that way that they feel they have to bite them to make that urge go away. People with this condition have often reported feeling excited, an adrenaline rush before they bite a person or an object and many have also said that trying to control this urge has led them to feel distressed. There is no specific cause of what causes this mania but it is observed that misuse of drugs, an addiction to alcohol and even being in an abusive environment and/or sleep deprivation can be a reason for this condition. It can be treated with medication and psychotherapy in which professionals help the patients deal with this urge and assist them in avoiding situations that can trigger this condition.


Kid runs away from rooster             

This condition is characterized by an irrational fear of chickens. People who suffer from it often feel frightened at the thought or sight of chickens. This could lead them to feel stressed and anxious, makes it difficult for them to breathe, tightness of chest etcetera. When being exposed to chickens, the individuals may scream, cry or cling to people close to them as if the chicken would harm them. Individuals suffering from this phobia could have had a traumatic incident that involved chickens which led them to feel afraid of the said animal. It could also be due to biological reasons, that is, genes or living in places with too many chickens around them. Though the people suffering from this mania know the irrationality of their fear, still they cannot control themselves when they see a chicken. They feel guilt, and shame for their feelings. Cognitive behavior therapy, exposure/desensitization therapy, medications can help people with Alektorophobia.

Most of the above-mentioned manias might sound strange to you, but only the people facing them can understand their condition, and you need to do it too! Positive experiences with friends and family can help people with manias improve.

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