Kurt Cobain - the Last Photoshoot Released to Cherish his Memories

Nirvana "The Last Session" photos

If you are a Nirvana fan, then there is good news for you. On Wednesday 28th April 2021, the New York-based Photographer, Jesse Frohman, launched a website where he released Kurt Cobain's last photoshoot pictures of 1993.

Kurt Cobain's last formal photoshoot took place in 1993, six months before his death in 1994. The photoshoot was performed by Jesse Frohman himself. He believed that he took only a few good pictures but he found out over 100 pictures taken as the website description stated that Jesse left the spot with which he believed only 2-3 good shots. But he was struck to find out that there were more than a hundred shots each imbued with nuance, unlike others.

"It was the only time I photographed him and Nirvana", Frohman told in an Interview to Rolling stone in 2014. "They were going to perform at Roseland Ballroom, so we had the whole day to shoot. That was the original assignment, but of course, things didn't turn out the way we planned. Often with shoots of musicians or celebrities, they don't — so even though I prepared for that, it pretty much went off-track pretty quickly."

Frohman launched the website to auction off from that day expectedly as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). He calls the collection of more than 100 pictures from that day “The Last Session”. The website descriptions say, “The Last Session NFT collection includes images, polaroid, and contact sheets with Frohman’s original markups, some of which have never before been seen.”

Nirvana photoshoot© “The Last Session”, Jesse Frohman

NFT is linked via a Blockchain network where some units of noninterchangeable data are stored on it. That unit of data can be photos, audio, videos, or other types of digital files. The music industry is adopting this method of selling the musician's art directly to the fans. Lately, Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda got involved in this new trend as he sold his first piece of crypto art using NFT cryptocurrency. Hence, this puts Kurt Cobain indirectly in the group of stars who have adopted this technology.

A company called Serotonin – a marketing firm and production studio for transformative technologies – launched NFTs almost a year ago. They are not openly available on the online marketplace. Serotonin designed the website that hosts the collection and assisted in collecting the NFTs and organizing the pictures.

Frohman said that most of the pictures of the popular artist from The Last Session have never been seen by the public. It is because numerous contact sheets and negatives were never scanned before the creation of the collection. The picture thumbnails are available for viewing on the website but only the buyers will receive a high-resolution version of the pictures.

Nirvana last session© “The Last Session”, Jesse Frohman

The audition for the pictures will begin on 3rd May 2021, at 12:00 PM ET, and ends after 4 days on 7th May 2021, 6:00 PM ET. The starting bid of "The Last Session" for the one-of-one NFT collection is 27.27 ETH (an ode to the artists' age) which, estimating, equals USD 72000. Besides this, there are other affordable options.

The first one is the “The Nevermind Edition” which includes 10 one-of-one, uniquely colorized quadriptychs of Kurt from the same photoshoot and its bid starts at 2.7 ETH (approximately USD 7000). The second option is “In Utero Edition” which offers 20 five-of-five unique images from the photoshoot and cost 1 ETH (approximately USD 2600) to be purchased outright with a ‘buy it now price.

Kurt Cobain singing in red© “The Last Session”, Jesse Frohman

A section of the money earned will be donated to JED Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on promoting mental well-being and suicide prevention among teenagers in the United States. Frohman stated that although there aren’t any arrangements for the earnings to go to the Cobain Estate or Nirvana member, the Cobain Estate is already involved with the JED Foundation.

Kurt Cobain in public© “The Last Session”, Jesse Frohman

Frohman says that he felt much comfortable doing things the way it happened: the NFT platform for displaying and selling Cobain's pictures. He believed there couldn't have been a more honorable way to pay tribute to Cobain's legacy recalling his last moments in a tattered leopard print coat, pair of white Jackie O sunglasses, faded nail polish, and a boyish trapper hat.

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