Sex in Space – Zero Gravity Positions Possible?

Sex in Space

NASA had officially confirmed that no one has ever had sex in space. Space sex never had a serious debate among the masses. However, it is becoming a matter of interest after Stephen Hawking's prediction of finding a planet as a backup plan for the survival of the human race, Elon Musk's mission to colonize Mars, and space tourism companies getting into the game. Sputnik News reports have stated that it is time to take this matter seriously if you want to see the future with humans in space.

NASA's clinical consultant Kira Bacal has claimed that sex in space is possible. She also added that humans have a history of having sex in odd, weird, yet amazing places, and it is the reason for the existence of our species. Interestingly, Bacal also added that the amazing yet doable sex positions would need approval by Newtonian Physics, so people don't float away while doing it.

It is believed that having space sex can lead to mental and physical issues due to lack of privacy and zero gravity. The other aspect also includes the potential drama the partners will have in space. Date-night, breakup, arguments, and romance with your co-workers in space might not have good results.

Bacal also told Sputnik that though you have moonlight (instead of candlelight), it may not be as romantic as you imagine it would be. Sexual arousal and libido might reduce a lot in space due to the stress of the job, being far away from home, not finding the right mating partner, emotional involvement, etc. Moreover, astronauts have a very tight schedule and have a very occupying job in space. They might not find time or interest in space sex.

Bacal, however, thinks that having sexual activity in space will not remain a mystery after space-traveling will become common.

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