Two Different Doses: Is It Safe to Mix Doses Of Covid-19 Vaccine?

Two syringes

When the news came out that the vaccine for the widely-spread Covid-19 virus, was surrounded by many rumors for a multitude of reasons, the major reason being the virus’s novelty. The vaccine came with many challenges including ensuring that people get the second shot of the same vaccine whether that is Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca.

It does not sound like a good idea to mix the shots, inject a shot of one vaccine as the first dose, and injecting a shot of either of the other two vaccines in the second shot. It sounded like a child mixing all the flavors of juice when presented with more than one option. It just seemed like a recipe for disaster.

However, like a knight in shining armor, research was carried out in Spain which concluded that mixing vaccines were safe and does not impact its effectiveness. During the study, participants took a shot of AstraZeneca, which creates antibodies to fight against the virus, first and then the second shot was injected was of Pfizer, which give birth to mRNA which teaches the bodies how defensive antibodies can be made.

The reason why the world deemed the mixing of vaccines necessary was to make it easier for everyone to get vaccinated. With a huge world population, every country is impatient to get their hands on the vaccine so that they can eliminate the virus as fast as possible and life can go back to normal.

However, as the vaccine is still new there is a shortage which has put countries under pressure as not everyone has been vaccinated as yet. Due to this reason, many people have been wondering what would happen if the vaccines are mixed to ensure every person gets a chance to get vaccinated.

A study was carried out in Spain showed, mixing vaccines turned out to be beneficial instead of bringing in another disaster that the world would have to deal with alongside Covid-19. A great number of participants received a shot of Pfizer after they had received the first shot of AstraZeneca weeks ago.

Some participants were not given the second shot so that the researchers could distinguish the differences that the second shot caused. Although this research was carried out to see whether mixing the vaccines would do any good to the community, there are questions in people’s minds which is understandable as the disease is new and has never been dealt with before.

However considering that all of this is new to everyone whether that is laymen, medical professionals, and research centers, it will take time to find why the mixing of doses yields better results than taking the same dose twice.

There have been studies carried out on this and will continue to until experts have come up with a definitive answer. Until then, we have to carry on with our lives, getting vaccinated, and keep wearing masks. The vaccine gives makes it less likely for one to catch the virus however it does not eliminate the risk.

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