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Two eggs: male and female
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Why Are Some People Sexy And Others Not?

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “I wish I were as sexy as them”? This question may have occurred to you when you saw a person with great sex appeal that makes them more attractive towards other people.
Li Hua - The Folded man
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"The Folded Man" finally stands after 28 years of being folded

You might have heard different stories of fictitious superheroes like superman, batman, ironman but have you ever heard about the folded man? China’s folded man is indeed a real-life superhero, unlike others, we see with imaginary superpowers
A woman with the flowers
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Funerals Need to Change

In the United States, the median cost of a funeral is $7,360, and most families simply cannot afford such an insane cost of hosting funerals. The funeral industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that's creating a lot of problems for many families
Nelson Sullivan with a camera
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Recalling Nelson Sullivan: The First Ever Vlogger

Many people might be surprised to know that vlogging activity has been around even before the evolution of the internet. It was in the 1980s when Nelson Sullivan known as the very first vlogger used a vlog-like video shooting style
Female angel with the wings
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Angel Lust - The Postmortem Erection

Angel Lust, also known as the Death Erection, is a common post-mortem condition in men executed, specifically by hanging. Whether those men die because they were executed or because they committed suicide, the presence of the erection is regular
Harold, hide the pain
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Hide the Pain Harold: Who is he?

Andras Arato is a Hungarian electrical engineer who became a meme after certain events unfolded that led to him known as the "Hide the Pain Harold"
The black sun and the frozen Earth
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What would happen if the sun stops shining?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the sun stopped shining or disappeared? Research shows that the possibility of this happening is quite thin, and the sun will most likely be in the galaxy for a billion years from now. However...
Man eats soil
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Top 10 Strange Manias

There are many different kinds of manias in the world and some are extremely strange. Here is a list of 10 strange manias that exist
5 garages: Apple, HP, Microsoft, Amazon and Google
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5 garages, that changed the Tech industry

Do you know that most of the leading tech companies in the world started their fate from a small garage? Here we will discuss some of the five biggest tech brands today that started their operations from a small garage
5 Entrepreneurs that Succeeded in Old Age
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5 Entrepreneurs that succeeded at a later age

We have come up with the top 5 entrepreneurs who begin their journey of a start-up in the latter half of their lives and also proved their worth in the market by becoming successful at an old age