Coffee’s Rise To Popularity

Coffee beans in a cup

Coffee, grown worldwide, has become really popular and is liked by almost everyone, nowadays. It has become a part of people’s lives, and they rely on drinking coffee every day. Whether it’s to start our day with it or drink it to stay up while working late, some of us can’t live without it. So, how did coffee rise to such popularity? Well, let’s take a look at coffee’s history and get our answer.

Origin Of Coffee

Coffee first originated from small beans in Ethiopia but once the coffee began to spread in every corner of the world it became an unstoppable thing and people’s favorite. Having multiple originating accounts and legends, this icon drink is famously linked to a herder named Kaldi. One day, he was shocked by the strange behavior of his goats. The surprised herder found out that the reason behind his goat’s behavior was some red berries that they were consuming. He shared this incident with a monk who approved it and said it is helping him in his prayers all night by making him stay awake and active but another monk threw these berries in disapproval. The result turned out to be great and the first roasted coffee was found. Whether the story is true or not is up to our imagination.

History Of Coffee

The origin of the drink can be traced back to the 15th century. Coffee was first discovered in Africa and then the beans were boiled to make coffee. It is reported to have found its way to Yemen before anywhere else. The port at Yemen on which the coffee was arriving is known as Mocha which is also a part of some coffee drinks’ names. Coffee became famous in Turkey, Persia, and Egypt due to its popularity and growth in Yemen. After some time it was banned in Arabia because of some religious aspects but soon the allegations were taken off and people starting drinking and enjoying it again. Later, coffee made its way to the west into Europe, East into Asia where the beans were grown and harvested as well. The 19th century was the time when the coffee was shipped and consumed globally.

How Did Coffee Become Popular?

Coffee has become the most popular and consumed drink in many parts of the world. The coffee is popular because of the ingredients it contains, the highly active caffeine means that it can help you stay active, awake, and energetic and can lift you up whenever you are feeling down. Many people are drinking a lot of coffee because it makes them active and has a better taste compared to other hot drinks or soda. Coffee rose from being discovered by small beans to being the second-largest trading commodity in the world.

The history and origin of coffee are really intriguing. To think that something discovered from small beans in Africa will have such an impact on lives today is astonishing. The benefits it brings in the shape of activeness to boost your productivity will make you love the drink.

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