The mummy who got his passport

Egyptian II passport

Well, you all know which mummy we are referring to here? If you don’t then we are talking about the Mummy which is the preserved or dried dead body of any living creature. We know that mummies are the preserved remains of people who existed thousands of years ago in Egypt. The pharaohs (rulers), members of the nobility, and officials of Egypt were mummified and buried in elaborate tombs. They preserved the bodies as they believed it will be important for their reincarnation!

But do you know the Mummy of Ramesses II has a passport? Yes, the mummy got his passport in 1976, But who is Ramesses II. Let’s find out.

Ramses II

Ramesses || is considered as one of the most influential and powerful Pharaohs King. This Egyptian ruler is also known for his title “Ramses the Great”. His ruling period is considered the most powerful period in Egyptian history. He is famous for his military campaigns to conquer and suppress his rivals Nubians and Hittites empires abroad, his carved statues into stones, and squashing the rebellions under his rule.

During his reign to surplus his power and to suppress his rivals Nubians and Hittites.  It is believed that he was 90 when he died, reigned for more than 60 years, and had 100 children.

But the question is how a 3,000-year-old mummy got his passport?

Why Passport for a Mummy?

When found the overall condition of the Body/Mummy was so pitiful that the Egyptian official has to seek help from France to preserve one of the Greatest and most furious rulers of the Ancient Egyptian Empire. Well, since the law is the same for everyone even the Great Ramesses || has to lay down his head in front of it. The Egyptian Government requires adequate and proper documentation for anyone who tends to leave their country dead or alive. Similarly, in the Case of the Great Ramesses, the government of Egypt Issued an official passport for the mummy of the great king Ramesses. As it may seem, it was not a Cheap publicity move, rather it was necessary to avoid numerous legal issues related to the safe return of the mummy to Egypt.

Egyptian artifacts are famous all over the world and every museum wants them badly no matter what. But unfortunately, many ancient artifacts and other historic valuables have been stolen from Egypt, and are on display in museums all across the globe. Many European museums denied the Egyptian claim on their artifacts. So, to avoid any such situation the Egyptian government decided to issue a valid passport to the mummy. The detailed study in Paris revealed that the Great King had a height of five feet and seven inches with beautiful red hair. There were numerous scars and wounds on his body due to several wars and battles he had in his life.

Due to complete documentation and a passport, the Mummy was brought back to Egypt without any legal complications.

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