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Coffee beans in a cup
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Coffee’s Rise To Popularity

Coffee first originated from small beans in Ethiopia but once the coffee began to spread in every corner of the world it became an unstoppable thing and people’s favorite
Building of the first skyscraper in Chicago
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How Was the First Skyscraper Built?

The first skyscraper was actually built in Chicago in the United States of America. It was the ‘Home Insurance Building’ built in the year 1884-1885
Egyptian II passport
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The mummy who got his passport

The Egyptian Government requires adequate and proper documentation for anyone who tends to leave their country dead or alive. Similarly, in the Case of the Great Ramesses, the government of Egypt Issued an official passport for the mummy
Money banknotes
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The Origin of Paper Money

We all want money. The feeling of holding a bunch of it in our hands is a comforting thought. But have you ever wondered where it came from?