The chewing gum, that “killed” dozens of people

Huge chewing gum trampling people

The Evolution of War

The world has evolved from wars at borders to strategic wars ever since the Second World War came to an end. Initially, the battlefields were laid to fight but now we fight differently. For instance, proxy war, mainly instigated by extremist groups to attack and put trading restrictions on weaker countries.

The Outcome of war

The main objective of war is the destruction of the weak opponent. War in any nature would only cause massive damage and endless suffering for people. It has a long term effect on infrastructure and social order. There is a bigger goal attached to this notion, which is the sustenance of the power of developing nations over the world forever.

Effects of war

It is factual and logical because the majority of under-developing countries are still in the same state of development as they were right after the World War II. After all, the dominators deploy their unfair sanctions in the wake of donating to the developing community to restrain them from uplifting their economy and not letting them become independent.

For instance, releasing helping funds at heavy interest rates which ultimately reflects on inflation rate or enclosing the restrictions on funds allocation.

A case study

In the high time of cold wars, in March 1975, a Canadian "national midget ice hockey" junior champion team "Barrie Colts" played a 6 match series in Moscow against the U-18 of Soviet team. Barrie Colts were sponsored by an eminent chewing gum company named "Wrigley", and owing to its quality and diverse taste it was admired by the masses significantly.

Barrie Colts - hockey team in 1975
Barrie Colts team in 1975

As quoted by the eyewitnesses that "Wrigley" brought a filming crew to cover the toss of chewing gums over the people. As planned Barrie Colts threw chewing gums on the board which gave a vivid idea that this Canadian company intended to showcase its power. A chewing gum -  which was valued as a hard currency for the Soviets. As a result of this free giveaway, spectators went crazy to catch "Western" chewing gums.  While jumping through the concrete staircase, trampling and killing many people. It showed their greediness towards materialistic objects and their innermost inhuman behavior. Thus, "power corrupts man" undoubtedly can be deployed herein, when the masses got the power of freedom and advantage of the blocked main exit door they embarked on the people blindly while ignoring the wails of victims just to chase worthy western chewing gums.

1975 Wrigley's Doublemint Advertisement
Flickr: 1975 Wrigley's Doublemint Ad

However, this chewing gum toss also gave a demonstration of the inhuman deportment of Barrie Colts sponsors because they didn’t have any thought about expected losses or dangers of their "power show" act even though the arena was lightless. So, such unfortunate incidents made this a historic Chewing gum murder.

1975 Sokolniki tribune before the tragedySokolniki tribune before the tragedy - 1975

Although, this shameful incident portrayed the media as a puppet in the hand of power owners as it didn’t broadcast this accident. The media was controlled therefore the public of both countries stayed unaware of the details of the inhumanity of both nations.


To sum it up, this can be perceived that this planned idea benefited Canada as it succeeded to let down Russia’s government by disclosing the inner norms of the Russian masses. Perhaps this brought down Russia’s confidence in front of Canada. This is how virtual attacks have been writing the fate of the world.

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