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Teenagers in a retro car
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The Invention that created the “Teenage” Phenomenon

The biggest factor that led to the invention of the “teenage phenomenon” was automobiles. The invention of cars and their increasing household use gave teenagers an escape from the 24/7 parental supervision prevailing for centuries
The Evaporating Man
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Johatsu - Evaporated People Phenomenon

Did you know that Japan is one of the loneliest countries in the world? If Japan is spending on its people and trying to solve their problems, why the Japanese people are so depressed?
The falling man
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The truth and lies of "The Falling Man"

The falling man is not just about the man. It's history now. Drew, an AP photographer, did not have any idea that he would capture "the history".
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How have pandemics changed the world throughout human history?

The world has encountered such disastrous pandemics all over history which caused huge empires to collapse. From Justinian Plague to COVID-19, pandemics have strongly impacted and weakened the economy, and has shaken the entire system.
Meme faces
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What Was the First Meme?

The phrase “Don’t worry, be happy” which was originated in China by the Sui Dynasty much before they migrated to Europe. This phrase then spread rapidly throughout the world and therefore, can be considered a meme