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Man has come across the digital age, going from fax to the internet and beyond. Feel free to keep on with the new technological developments as these happen here.

Vehicle license plates
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The History of Vehicle License Plates

The license plates are everywhere and so common that people don't even bother to slow down for a minute to question their existence? What was the purpose behind it, when and where it first came into effect?
Bitcoin trading chart
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The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin

Considering that we are living in the most economically turbulent era of history, the history of Bitcoin is similarly turbulent. It has seen many drastic ups and lows in its value. However, Bitcoin was never expected to sail smoothly especially when
Building of the first skyscraper in Chicago
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How Was the First Skyscraper Built?

The first skyscraper was actually built in Chicago in the United States of America. It was the ‘Home Insurance Building’ built in the year 1884-1885