What Would Happen If the Earth Started Spinning Faster

Earth spinning faster, people and animals throw out into outer space

With so much going on in our lives to worry about, the probability of the earth spinning faster than the normal speed is not something that we should be concerned about much as it is unlikely to happen. But, here are some things likely to happen if the earth really started spinning faster!

Change In Climate

As it is common knowledge that with the rotation of the earth, the atmosphere rotates as well. The Earth's climate ensures and supports the planet's occupants by providing them with necessary warmth and retaining destructive sun oriented beams. Apart from holding up the oxygen and carbon dioxide, which living things need to endure, the atmosphere consumes the energy from the sun and prevents many risks from entering into the earth. So, if the earth started spinning faster, there will be a destructive change in climate and seasons of the earth which will cause many storms, rainfalls, and other major changes.

Change In Ocean Level

Due to the rotation of the earth, the ocean level is maintained on the center point that is known as the equator. Oceans are very important for human life as they are responsible for the air that we breathe in and also help in immersing carbon dioxide present in the air. Oceans also help in shifting heat from the central point of the earth to its poles which helps in normalizing the climate and weather of the earth. So, if the rotation of the earth is increased by even one mile per hour, it would cause the ocean level to rise which might cause floods and tsunamis.

Change In Temperature

The rotation of the earth also ensures that its inhabitants receive a normal temperature. A moderate temperature is important for people because they cannot survive in too extreme temperature. Also, if the temperature is too hot, the heat from the sun will evaporate all the water present on the earth which would disturb the water cycle. The faster rotation of the earth would cause some major changes in the temperature resulting in an extreme climate that would be difficult to survive in. also, the duration of days and nights would become shorter and a normal day might even consist of 48 hours instead of the regular 24 hours.

Satellites Of The Earth Will Not Work

The faster spinning of the earth would also cause some satellites to stop working at all. As we all know that geostationary satellites are designed in a way that would match the rotation of the earth. So, if the earth started rotating faster, the satellites will not be able to catch up with its speed and hence stop working at all.

We Might Need To Move To Another Planet!

If the earth started spinning faster, the earth might become uninhabitable, and we might need to shift to some other planet just like the movie Interstellar where a Dust Bowl had made the earth an unsuitable place to live in and the protagonist of the movie along with his team of researchers were trying to find a new planet for the mankind to move in!

So, keep your bags packed in case you might need to shift to another planet!

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